Some Bees are good and others are not so good.
Which should you be concerned about?

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When we think of Bees we often think of the type that produce honey and help pollinate the garden. However, some species of bees are pests in and around your home. Bees can sting and can even cause damage as a result of their nest-building activities.

While the sting of the Africanized Honey Bees is not worse than a Honey Bee, and while they look similar, the Africanized Honey Bees are much more dangerous. They are quick to swarm, attack in greater numbers, and pursue their victims for greater distances. They will even travel up to a quarter of a mile away from the hive during an attack. The Queen Africanized Bee can lay up to 1,500 eggs each day.

No matter the type of Bee, many people are extremely sensitive or allergic to Bee stings and become very ill.  Pets are also vulnerable, especially if they are tied up or in a pen outside, with no way to escape a swarm of Bees.  If you have a Bee problem, it is best to call a professional who is equipped to handle these insects.

No matter if you find a hive, mud tubes or just seem to have an extraordinary amount of Bees in or around your house, let professionals handle this bug problem. It can be dangerous to try to rid yourself of Bee infestations, especially in the case of suspected Africanized Honey Bees, because of the stinging nature of the insect.

Magnum Pest Control experts are trained in the safest way to deal with and control problematic Bees.

We serve the Central Florida area to assist with Bee control and many other pest control issues.


Magnum Termite and Pest Control prides itself on finding the best solution for Bee control.

If you have recently found what you believe to be a swarm of Bees around your home, contact us quickly. If Bees begin to build a wax comb, they become much more aggressive and harder to control.

In the case of a Bee infestation, time is of the essence.


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