About Us

Living and working in the Florida Sunshine is what we consider a dream come true. Magnum Termite and Pest Control serves the central Florida region, and for us, this is the best place we could possibly be located.  From the Gulf of Mexico to the great Atlantic Ocean our service area includes temperatures that are not as hot as further south, not as cold as further north. We are surrounded by the amenities of living by bigger cities, and yet we still are able to drive through rural backroads of Florida. We are fortunate to be close to see the ocean, the gulf and the Manatees making their way up the Hillsborough River in winter and back down in spring. We truly believe we are in the best area possible.

As a home town business we take great pride in knowing we get to work with small businesses and families from our community who rely on our services.  We understand how essential it is to find reliable services for pest control, and we are genuinely honored with each request for service we receive.
We also know it is important for any company to understand what it is to be part of a community.   We are not a big franchise with trucks all over the country trying to build the biggest business in the nation, nor do we want to become a faceless franchise that simply sees their customers as a way to grow their business.

We are a family owned and operated business.   Our belief is that if by putting our customers first, our success will follow. Working for friends and neighbors in all of central Florida has built our business. It may sound like a small goal, to put our customers first, but we believe that it is the only goal that should be first for any service company. When the service is good, the customers are great. Without great customers, we would not be able to have a business that provides great service and takes care of our employees in a way that we are proud of.  Thank you central Florida for allowing us to be your neighborhood pest control company.

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